Baby Phat Rush Card - Independent Review

Published: 26th November 2008
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The baby phat rush card is a prepaid credit card. It was created by Russell Simmons he co founded the popular Def Jam record label.

The rush card works like this; you deposit money into your account, then you use your card to make purchases. This card guarantees approval for everyone.

There is no credit or chex systems check. The baby phat rush card is issued in a pink design and the rush card is issued in a black design.

This card does give you free direct deposit. To use this you will only have to fill out a form and turn it into your employers' payroll department.

Then your paychecks will be directly deposited into your rush card account. You will still receive pay stubs to inform you of hours worked and what your deposit is.

If you are in need of cash this card can be used at over 800,000 ATM's world wide. You also have free online account access.

You card can be used to make purchases over the phone and online. In addition your rush card allows you to write physical paper checks.

To do this you simply go online and fill in the payees details. This includes address, name, and amount of payment.

Then a physical check in your name is sent to the payee. This is a great way to pay your bills, no more buying money orders.

With bill pay you can save money on buying money orders. If you use direct deposit you will no longer have to pay check cashing fees.

However, we do not recommend the baby phat rush card. This is because they have many fees that other prepaid cards do not have.

For example the rush card charges you a convenience fee. A convenience fee is simply a fee for using your card.

The charge for this fee is $1.00. There is a maximum charge of $10.00 a month however you will be charged this $1.00 fee every time during that month.

Then at the end of the month all the extra charges above 10.00 will be credited back to your account at the end of the next calendar month.

That can end up being a full 2 months before you are refunded. This is unbelievable especially because many of us use are card more than ten times in a month.

Furthermore to be charged for every purchase you make seems outrageous. Then to have to wait for a full calendar month to expire before you are issued your refund is unbelievable.

To enroll in bill pay the rush card will charge you $2.00 and then another $1.00 for every check you write from your account. There are other prepaid cards where this service is free.

The rush card proudly says there are no hidden fees with their card. However they have more fees than any other card we have reviewed. They carry a fee with every transaction you make with your card.

In sum, look at some other prepaid cards. They have fewer fees and better benefits for being a card holder.

Instead we suggest the account now visa they offer free activation, free direct deposit, free credit builder & free bill pay. We also suggest the all access card to read a review visit us.

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