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Published: 26th November 2008
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The AccountNow Visa is a prepaid credit card. You deposit funds into your account/card and then use your card to pay bills, make purchases and withdraw cash.

100% guaranteed approval, no matter what is in your credit history. You are guaranteed to be approved even if you are in chex systems, have a bankruptcy or no credit.

This card is a great alternative to a checking account. Not only are you given a credit card to make purchases, but you can also use your account to pay bills and write physical checks.

You can write checks through a free service for every account now visa card holder called bill pay. You simply go online and fill in the details of a company or person you want to write a check to. Details are address, name and how much. Then a real physical check is then mailed to that business or person.

This is great way to pay bills. The first seven checks you write every month are free. You also can use your card to pay bills and make purchases online or over the phone.

Bill Pay works together with another free service called credit builder. This is a service to help you prove credit worthiness to future lenders. The way it works is when you pay a bill using bill pay, credit builder will keep a record of that payment with a credit reporting service this is a chance to build positive payment history.

You can deposit money by direct deposit, to do this you simply fill out a form and turn it into the payroll department of your employer. If you choose this method you will receive free activation on your card.

Another method to put money on your card is through western union or money gram. Using western union a deposit of over $300 requires you to pay no fees, with money gram you will pay a little under $4.00 per deposit.

Another way to deposit money is through a green dot money pack. You must visit a green dot retailer (wal-mart, walgreens, kroger, cvs) and purchase a green dot money pack. Then you call 1-800-GreenDot and enter your accountnow card number and your card will be reloaded with those funds.

Another way is to visit a ready link store, locations include safeways and 7-Elevens. You tell the cashier you want to add money to your account now visa and give the cashier money. The cashier swipes your account now visa accepts your money and you have deposited funds on to your credit card.

This card will give you online monthly statements, however you can also request to have paper statement mailed to your home if you want. A great benefit of this card is you get zero liability, this means if your card is stolen or used to make unauthorized purchases you will not be held responsible.

In sum the account now visa is the best prepaid credit card available. It works just like a checking account and you get free bill pay, free credit builder and free activation.

To learn more about the best prepaid debit card the account now visa visit us.

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